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As illustrated in the maps on this website, the state of Alaska is one of the world's most scenically and geologically diverse regions. Alaska is A piece of America that offers pure wilderness, adventure ranging from wild to mild, fascinating history and a multi-cultural heritage reflected in art, lifestyles and communities throughout the state. Alaska is the biggest state in the United States and this map will help you navigate through the vast amount of territory there is to explore in Alaska.
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Sightseeing In Alaska

It would be an understatement to say that you have been sightseeing in Alaska. With so much to do and see, visitors to this amazing place should be claiming to have been attending “attraction events” during their trip to Alaska. Whether cruising the inner passage of the Alaskan coastline or traveling to the interior of the state, visitors will never be lacking for adventure.

The state of Alaska has so much to offer that several tour companies have opened in key cities and other areas. They have done this in an effort to help visitors have the complete Alaska experience. Non-conventional tours found in Alaska include things like a day of crab catching, riding jeep trails, canoeing and kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving and bear watching. Sights that no-one should miss while visiting Alaska are a trip to the many national parks, spending a day at Totem Bright State Park, boating into Glacier Bay and going whale watching.

Take time to visit the gift shops and galleries found in almost every city and village in Alaska. Tourists are treated to an incredible showing of wares created by local artisans and crafts people. Everything from carvings, to paintings, to jewelry can be purchase in Alaska at a very reasonable rate. Native tribes sell wonderful masks, totems and other carvings and they will make arrangements to have the objects shipped back to your home. Standard souvenirs can be found at the area shops and boutiques as well.

Wonderful fresh seafood restaurants and those serving a more “authentic” Alaskan cuisine can be found nestled in the local towns and cities.

Alaskan history is rich in fact and fiction. Museums and historic sites can be found throughout this extraordinary region of America. Events such as the Gold Rush as well as the Native American experience are well documented and preserved for visitors to see and enjoy.