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As illustrated in the maps on this website, the state of Alaska is one of the world's most scenically and geologically diverse regions. Alaska is A piece of America that offers pure wilderness, adventure ranging from wild to mild, fascinating history and a multi-cultural heritage reflected in art, lifestyles and communities throughout the state. Alaska is the biggest state in the United States and this map will help you navigate through the vast amount of territory there is to explore in Alaska.
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Alaska's Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis is created by magnetic particles falling from the sun when a storm bursts out of a sunspot and the particles bounce off of the earth’s protective atmosphere. However, they seem to be much more magical than that.

The name Aurora means goddess of the dawn, Borealis refers to its location in the sky. They are also called the Northern Lights and can be seen during the winter season in Alaska as well as several other countries including Germany. These same lights shows can be seen by people down in the Southern Hemisphere. However, they are called Aurora Australis or the Southern Lights.

The best viewing locations for the Northern Aurora can be found between the cities of Fairbanks and Borrow Alaska. Although, there have been several wonderful photographs of the Aurora taken from Circle Alaska. The Aurora Borealis can be seen every winter, but the solar-cycle brings the best viewing of the Northern Lights to Alaska every 11 years. The last time the solar-cycle was at its peak was the winter of 2000.

There are several touring companies and rustic lodges that offer Northern Lights packages. These are of course offered during the winter. They usually include a room, meals and an Aurora forecast. The forecast is given so the guests know when it’s the best time to brave the cold and see the spectacular show in the sky.