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As illustrated in the maps on this website, the state of Alaska is one of the world's most scenically and geologically diverse regions. Alaska is A piece of America that offers pure wilderness, adventure ranging from wild to mild, fascinating history and a multi-cultural heritage reflected in art, lifestyles and communities throughout the state. Alaska is the biggest state in the United States and this map will help you navigate through the vast amount of territory there is to explore in Alaska.
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Alaska Map Information

Welcome to the Map of Alaska page. This large map of Alaska may be printed out as a .jpg image or as a PDF (printable file). We encourage you to contact us if there is any information you think should be added to this page or if you see a need for a correction. This Alaska Map is designed to illustrate where cities, major roads, national parks and other key points of interest are located within the state of Alaska. If you have recommendations on other elements that should be added to this site we request that you contact us at the e-mail address listed above.

This Map of Alaska is intended for private and personal use only and may not be copied for use in any commercial manner. We hope you find this handy as you plan excursions or vacations in and around the State of Alaska. An Alaska Map is not usually available free of charge but this map of Alaska is free for all non-commercial use. For more information on national parks (click here) or for detailed information on cities within Alaska please visit There are also many opportunities for fishing and adventure in Alaska. Visit Alaska Fishing Lodges for more information.