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As illustrated in the maps on this website, the state of Alaska is one of the world's most scenically and geologically diverse regions. Alaska is A piece of America that offers pure wilderness, adventure ranging from wild to mild, fascinating history and a multi-cultural heritage reflected in art, lifestyles and communities throughout the state. Alaska is the biggest state in the United States and this map will help you navigate through the vast amount of territory there is to explore in Alaska.
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Alaskan Fishing

With more than 20 species of sports fish found in Alaska it is no wonder that so many people plan their fishing vacations in this beautiful state. Whether fly-fishing, deep-sea fishing or trolling is your specialty, Alaska has what you’re looking for. Lodging, geared toward the fishing vacation, is plentiful throughout Alaska’s greater fishing locations. A fishing trip to Alaska is unlike any fishing trip anywhere. The fish are enormous and abundant in Alaska. Even a fishing novice will bring home more than a fish tale, especially if they hire a seasoned guide to come along on the trip. Many of the Alaska fishing lodges offer tour packages that include a guide that is guaranteed to know where the fish are biting. With so many types of fish in the region and even more places to stay, first time Alaska fishing trip vacationers have an array of choices; while returning fishermen can plan a different fishing trip every year!

Those wanting to do some salt water fishing should contact fishing lodges located on the South Central coastline or in the Southeastern part of the state, which is known as the Alaska Panhandle.

Along the panhandle the marine life is kept fat and healthy by the warmer Pacific currents. The Pacific tides not only bring food to the fish and other sea life, but it also creates a more hospitable environment for the fish…and for humans too. Cities found along the panhandle include Ketchikan, Petersburg, Prince of Wales Island and Wrangell. There are several Alaska fishing lodges located in the southeast/panhandle as well as fishing tour and charter companies. Visitors to the area will be treated to an incredible fishing vacation as well as an opportunity to see other wildlife common to the Alaska landscape.

The South Central Alaskan coast offers numerous Alaska fishing lodges to choose from. The coast line is known as the Gulf of Alaska. Fishing in the Gulf is exciting and challenging making it favorite spot of vacationers who come to fish in Alaska. Anyone who likes to fly-fish should look into the fishing lodges in the Lake Hood area. There are several charters that can take visitors to remote spots that are perfect for fly-fishing. The scenery in this part of Alaska is outstanding and offers those fishing the gulf a chance to see some of the most beautiful country in the world. When taking a break from fishing visitors should take a tour to the Columbia Glacier. Anchorage, Homer, Kodiak, Cordova and Whittier are just a few of the many cities found along the Alaskan Gulf.

The Alaskan Interior is an anglers dream. The many fresh water steams, rivers and lakes found in inland Alaska are brimming with grayling, pike and lake trout. The water ways are filled by several glacial drainages. Some of the lakes to consider when planning a fishing vacation to the Alaskan Interior are Harding, Chena and Birch. These lake regions are peppered with fantastic fishing lodges and tour charters. Several of the fishing lodges found in the Alaskan Interior can only be reached by airplane. Inland Alaska offers fishing vacationers a chance to experience fishing in true nature. The largest of the cities found in the Alaska Interior is Fairbanks, which can be reached by air, train and car and is a good jumping off location for Alaskan Interior trips.

The more popular salt and fresh water fish found in the Alaskan waters include:

  1. Pacific Halibut
    This amazing flatfish can grow to more than eight-feet long and has been known to weigh as much as 800 pounds. The Pacific Halibut has surprisingly few bones for a fish that can grow to such an immense size. This white fish is a favorite catch due to its ease and diversity in preparation. Pacific Halibut can be baked, broiled, fried, poached or even cooked outdoors on a BBQ. The Pacific Halibut has a delicate, less fishy taste and does not need much seasoning.

  2. Silver Salmon
    The Silver Salmon is one of the smaller members of the salmon family growing to approximately three-feet in length. They begin and end their lives in fresh water and are usually the fish seen swimming up stream in nature programs. These fish are the favorite of those who enjoy fly-fishing or trolling. However, the brown bear typically catch Silver Salmon by hand.

  3. Pink Salmon
    The Pink Salmon also known as the humpy or humpback salmon are the smallest of the salmon species. The humpback average only three to five pounds and are generally around 24-inches in length. The record for the largest Pink Salmon caught in Alaska weighed in at 12-pounds, nine ounces.

  4. King Salmon
    King Salmon also known as Chinook are the largest of Alaska freshwater fish. However, some King Salmon have been known to venture into seawater. These giants have been known to weigh as much as 97-pounds! The King Salmon is one of the most sought after fish by vacationers to Alaska.

  5. Dolly Varden
    Dolly Varden are colorful fish and a member of the salmon family. They have a large hooked jaw which is more pronounced on the male fish. While they spend up to sixteen years at sea, the best place to catch a Dolly is at one the many lakes in the Alaska Interior.

  6. Lake Trout
    The Alaskan Interior is home to the Lake Trout. Some of the Lake Trout caught in Alaskan waters have been known to weigh as much as 47-pounds! These cold loving fish dwell deep in the glacial filled lakes. Springtime requires a boat to catch one of these lake giants. Later in the summer anglers have been known to hook a Lake Trout or two from a lake shore or stream. However, those willing to brave the cold and do some ice-fishing will undoubtedly catch their fill of Lake Trout.

  7. Rainbow Trout
    Who has ever heard of a Rainbow Trout weighing more than 30-pounds? It may seem unreal, but in the Alaska Interior this is a common occurrence. These super-sized trout can also be found swimming in the waters near Kodiak Island or down in the Southeastern region of Alaska.

  8. Artic Grayling
    Although the Artic Grayling is among the smallest sports fish living in the Alaskan waters, it is among the most popular fish to catch. This is due to its funny appearance and wonderful flavor.